To Track, or Not to Track…

Activity trackers are definitely a big trend in the fitness world. I mean what’s not to love? They count your steps and calories burned, they hook up easily to your smartphone so you can check your stats, tell you how well you slept the night before, the apps even act as your personal food journal so you can check the amount of calories you intake vs what you’ve burned. I personally have had both the UP by Jawbone and the Fitbit Charge (currently), and I love them both.

Many argue that activity trackers are completely unnecessary as you can save $$ by downloading free apps or keeping a diary to have you stay on track. Or the number or steps/calories you burn is the same whether you have something tracking it or not.

I couldn’t disagree more (of course I may be a little biased). When I see that I have 14,783 steps for the day, well I need to talk a quick walk around my house to get an even 15,000! And I’m super DUPER lazy, so being able to just type in or scan the barcode of something I ate and all the nutritional facts pop up is just about the best thing ever.

With convenience being a selling point for so many, especially for something as hard for people to commit as health and fitness, activity trackers are a big part of a person’s success – at least they are for me!


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